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Blood Don't Lie Curriculum



Blood Don't Lie Projects and Writing Assignments

Reading Blood Don't Lie in the classroom opens the door for many different ideas for writing projects and assignments. If you're interested in some of the projects and assignments experienced teachers, as well as new teachers, have created after reading Blood Dont' Lie, check them out at this link. You'll find rubrics, suggestions for entire units, and sample assignments to be considered or even used in your own Blood Don't Lie Curriculum.


Blood Don't Lie Vocabulary List

When reading any text in the classroom, teachers are bound to find students in need of vocabulary lessons and help. Whether it's surrounding the story itself, cultural differences, or simply to aid students in expanding their own vocabularies, you'll find an extensive list of words in the order of the text, complete with page numbers and definitions you may find helpful while teaching Blood Don't Lie in your own classroom. 


Blood Don't Lie Scaffolding and Discussion Activities

Sometimes a teacher needs some help when it comes to creative and exciting ideas to engage a text with a class. Check this part of the site for unique and interesting ways to spark a conversation among your students while reading Blood Don't Lie. From activities which help them understand the plight of the main character, the Jewish faith, and even to help them connect to the story, over 30 activities are available for use on this part of the site. 

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