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Full Length Play
Comedy | Drama
CAST SIZE: 4m. & 2w.

This funny and poignant play takes place in the mind, memory and imagination of Stuart, a 17-year-old high-school senior who has recently attempted to "off" himself by taking too many vitamins and chugging down a bottle of cough medicine. The audience enters a world of limbo through Stuart's altered state: a land where people who attempt suicide have to go before their time to "really" die arrives. The rules here are that you can't eat, sleep, cry, love or be loved, but all of these yearnings seem to intensify during your stay in this "world." In addition, all wounds associated with the suicidal act never heal. Stuart is greeted by Daniel, B.J. and Muggy, who take great joy in being the welcoming committee. But what really gets Stuart thinking is when he runs into Lisa, an old crush and former prom queen at his school who committed suicide shortly before his attempt.


Through their humorous and honest interactions, we begin to understand and realize a better appreciation for life. When Stuart's little sister comes to visit him at the hospital, Stuart discovers that the time has come for him to decide whether he wants to live or die. Pizza With Shrimp on Top is about many things besides the obvious message of, "Hey, don't kill yourself." It stresses the importance of not taking yourself too seriously and emphasizes the value of communication, appreciating loved ones, and a teenager's belief in himself or herself during this difficult developmental period in life. Pizza has been seen by several thousand teenagers, parents, and other community members who have been deeply affected by this powerful piece of theater.

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