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Opens August 9th!

August 9th @ 7pm EST
August 10th @ 7pm EST
August 11th @ 2pm EST
August 16th @ 7pm EST
August 17th @ 2pm & 7pm EST
Chaddick Theatre @ The Galloway School
215 Chastain Park Ave. NW.
Atlanta, GA 30342
Written by Aaron Levy, directed by Megan Cramer, co-produced with Destination Theatre.
While Krisp County reels from a recent school tragedy and leadership binges on ridiculously over-the-top “proactive” safety measures, the heavy task falls on newcomer lightweight (lousy) wrestler Baily George to save the entire student body.


A darkly funny and poignant play where mental health is the umbrella over which to tackle prominent issues such as body image, impacts of social media, violence, disconnectedness, and what might happen when adults mishandle young people in the name of protecting them. 

General tickets are $12.

Student tickets:

$5 ~ discount code TSBSTUDENT

Educator Tickets:

$10 ~ discount code TSBEDUCATOR

This is not just a play! There are mounting news stories, data, and evidence behind the topics in the show. The writing of this play was and is inspired by the mental health epidemic, especially amongst teens. And as we know, most folks, especially adolescents, are more impacted by STORY. This award-winning play aims to spark conversation and change, through a darkly humorous and poignant STORY.



We are also in the final stretch of fundraising for this production (and future productions!) of this play. If you aren’t able to attend the show please consider donating to Destination Theater and The Student Body to help us produce this show and to help continue theatrical work that fosters healthy conversations around mental health, community, and other important topics.

Here’s what your investment is helping to support:

  • Making sure we have a roof over our head, lights on our professional actors, and professional designers all doing their jobs!

  • Helping fund marketing so more people can be in the audience to share the experience this summer.

  • Sponsoring talk-back facilitators from a variety of backgrounds (therapists, educators, athletic directors, school administration, dieticians, adolescent development, etc.).

  • Creating a touring show: Our long-term goal is to use this pilot production to create a model for future touring productions that can visit high school or college campuses, community centers, or other organizations that want to foster conversation & creativity.

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