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Podcast reading - THE FARM

THE FARM is a really short piece of... I don't even know what. It may be a poem, but I dont' really think so. It may be a piece of flash fiction, but it lacks elements that typically make up a story.


Every sememster I teach a writing methods course for my education students, I assign something called  the Metaphor Piece. Since best practices suggest we write alongside our students, I do and share the assignment too. This particular assignment calls for you to take a "loss" in your life and write about what it was like before you lost it, and after you lost it, utilize metaphors/similies. 


I probably was in a space where I didn't want to write about a typical loss, so I messed with the conventions of losing weight. And with a bit of hyperbole, THE FARM sort of erupted. I really think without writing THE FARM, I could not have envisioned any of WAISTED.


Take a listen to this really short podcast of THE FARM

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