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For Teachers, By Teachers.


Looking for ways to make the first day of school better, for you and the students? As an experienced teacher and supervising teachers, I've had a lot of experience with first days, both mine and others. For me, it's always important never to lose time to syllabus discussions, rules, or intimidation; the first day should be rife with experiences which show value in the subject we teach--writing. Click here to find out more information on how to make your first day with your students the best it can be. 



On this part of the site, you will find assets and activities for your classroom and your future writers as created by a group of current teachers, teaching candidates, and myself. It's important to me, as a previous high school teacher, to create curriculums to use alongside my plays, novels, and short stories so that you are able to find help in a busy schedule on this portion of the site. Below you will see several curriculum options for my most notable pieces to date: Pizza with Shrimp on Top, and Blood Don't Lie. 



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