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                Aaron Levy's Pizza With Shrimp on Top received the Nevada Council of the Arts Special Grant in Education Award in 1999 to tour the play in Las Vegas-area high schools. It has enjoyed over three dozen productions in several states, earning an award production for the International Thespian Society's Annual Conference in 2000. The original production of Pizza received the Scottie Award for Best Original Play at Arizona State University. Levy's One Man's Dance has garnered the Dorothy Silvers Playwriting Award, Ari-Zoni, Best Original Play Award, an American College Theatre Festival selection, and a scene and monolog published selection in Smith and Kraus' The Best Stage Scenes of 1994 and The Best Women's Stage Monologues of 1994 respectively. His ten-minute plays, I Don't Want to Live on the Moon and Bolt-Cutter Man were selected for the Ten-Minute Play Showcase at Actors Theatre of Phoenix.

While he continues to write plays, especially about the teen experience, Levy recently completed a young adult novel. A former high-school English and theater teacher, Levy earned his Ph.D. and now trains future English teachers and is the playwright-in-residence at Kennesaw State University, a growing campus 20 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia.

As a writer and a professor, Levy has focused on creating classrooms to develop student-written producible and publishable material. Besides his own writing endeavors, Levy's passion is conducting writing workshops for teachers and students at area schools, training teachers in pedagogy and methodology, and most recently, promoting young adult dramas, 
Pizza and many others, in the English classroom.


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